Clean Up Those Windows And Let The Sun Shine In!

Clean Up Those Windows And Let The Sun Shine In

Window cleaning is one of those maintenance chores that most homeowners usually postpone till it can no longer be postponed. It’s not surprising at all! Window cleaning can be a tedious, tricky task, especially if your home has multiple levels or the windows are placed at awkward angles that are hard to get at. It seems so much easier to just close the drapes and ignore those smudgy, dusty windows. Nothing wrong with that… or is there?

The Many Benefits Of Clean Windows

The thing with dirty windows is that the dust, grime and smudges build up slowly over a period of time, which is why you may not notice the difference till the buildup can be ignored no longer. You will however notice the stark difference immediately after window cleaning.

Clean windows offer a slew of benefits ranging from improving the overall appearance of your home to increasing the energy efficiency of your home and of course the many therapeutic benefits.

Clean windows make the exterior as well as the interior of your home more attractive and appealing. It makes your home look well cared for and homelier. Your family and your guests will enjoy sitting back and relaxing in this warm, cozy and clean environment.

In your business space, clean windows tell your clients that you are a meticulous business owner who is more likely to be conscientious in all aspects and who they can rely down to take care of even the smallest details.

But that’s not all. The most significant benefit of regular window cleaning is its therapeutic benefits.

Therapeutic Benefits Of Clean Windows And Sunshine

Clean windows that are smudge-free and dirt-free allow the sunlight to stream in through the glass without casting any shadows from water stains, dust particles or finger prints. So what’s so special about getting in all of that unobstructed sunlight? Plenty!

The benefits of sunlight have been well-documented. Several clinical studies that have been done have shown conclusive proof that people feel happier, healthier and in a better mood overall when they get more natural light.

The amount of sunlight you are exposed to during the day has a significant impact on your energy levels, your health, your sleep and your mood.

Sunlight promotes the production of Vitamin D, which provides protection against brittle bones, heart disease, cancer and a host of other ailments. Exposure to sunlight has also been shown to alleviate symptoms of Alzheimer’s and asthma as well as other autoimmune diseases such as lupus and psoriasis.

Getting sufficient sunlight is instrumental in getting better sleep at night, which in turn helps you feel more energized and recharged the next day. This is because natural daylight controls melatonin production, helping you maintain a normal circadian rhythm, so you are more likely to feel tired at night when it’s dark outside.

The amount of sunlight you get during the day also has a significant impact on your overall mood and reduces the likelihood of SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is a type of depression that occurs in some people at the same time of the year, every year and this is usually during the fall and winter. The main causative factor for SAD is insufficient sunlight which is typically during fall and winter. Clean windows can help you capture whatever little sunlight there is and reduce the likelihood of you suffering from the winter blues.

It’s easy to see that the sunshine that streams in from clean windows helps elevate your health and your mood. With such tremendous benefits, regular window cleaning is crucial and cannot be ignored. If this is not something that you can do by yourself, it’s worth getting professional help.

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