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Using window screens is one of the best ways to let fresh air into your home while keeping unwanted creatures out. However, even the smallest tear in the window screen is enough to let insects in. As we all know, one little critter let loose inside the home is enough to destroy your peace of mind.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life it is easy to ignore a small rip. You figure you will get to it some other day when you have some more time on your hands. If you are planning on ignoring that small tear in your window screen, consider this – a little rip is destined to become a giant tear sooner or later and that gaping hole in the screen is like an open invitation for all the insects to come in and party. The only way to prevent this unfortunate situation is to consider window screen repair as soon as you notice that your screen is damaged, however small the damage may seem at the time.

True Clarity is your Number One choice for Window Screen Repair in Vancouver wa. We provide a full range of window screen repair services. This includes fixing rips and tears, adjusting your existing screens, fitting in replacement handles and specialty parts where necessary and for your convenience we pick up, deliver and reinstall your screens so you have nothing to worry about during the process.


At True Clarity all of our technicians are highly skilled and have years of experience with window screen repair Vancouver wa. Our repair work is carried out using only professional equipment and high quality materials to ensure strength and durability.

When repairing Window Screens in Vancouver WA, we do not take the easy way out by using whatever material we have on hand. At True Clarity we take the time and trouble to match up materials with your existing decor to ensure our screens will be a beautiful, seamless addition to your home.


Are you looking to get your window or sliding glass door re-screened?

Sometimes, the problem is not just a little tear. It could be that the entire screen is damaged, loose or warped and needs to be replaced. Or maybe you want to install a new screen in a different color or one that is pet resistant or designed with a low visibility or sun control fabric. Whatever your needs, True Clarity can handle it for you.

We have had years of experience with replacing Window Screens in Vancouver WA. We offer our clients multiple options and shades to choose from so that the end result is exactly as they envisioned.

Whether you are looking for window screen repair Vancouver wa or you need the entire screen replaced, you can count on True Clarity. Call us today for high quality screen repair at cost effective rates.

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